So This Happened

Recently a fantastic guest brought in the cutest little stubby to ever come out of Champagne – Moët & Chandon Petite Liquorelle NV. Prior to this, I’ve never even heard of this concoction, let alone tasted it. It was fascinating and bizarre.

Its not about how big it is, but how you use it!

Its not about how big it is, but how you use it!

According to the Old Liquor Company, this was an experiment that the folks at M&C designed as a ready to serve champagne cocktail comprised of champagne and marc de Chapagne, and a healthy dose of sugar. It debuted in the early 1980’s but was discontinued in the early 1990s due to poor sales.

Unfortunately there was no vintage or indication of when this oddball was released, but figure even if it came out in 1992, its still over 20 years old and only a 200ml bottle. It had significant tertiary notes revolving around coffee, madeira(in a good way), burnt sugar, and a bit of chalky minerality. It had only the vaguest hint of bubbles, but by no means could be considered sparkling. Definitely sweet, it was too much for most of us to take all but a sip or two. Glad I got a chance to try this little guy.

The bold red sash of a label recommends serving it very cold, which maybe back in the day was a good a idea, overly sweet, high alcohol cocktails are generally better that way. These days I’d serve it closer to room temp like a tawny port or madeira.

If you’re really intrigued the Old Liquor Company still sells this stuff, but at 60 euro plus shipping from England, I’d recommend about 100 other beverages first.