Summer of Riesling!

Pop in Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation, turn it to 11 and put some of the best stuff on earth in your mouth, Riesling! Without a doubt, this is the grape with the worst reputation amongst all of its Vinifera peers. Its too sweet, its too dry, its too nerdy, umlauts, and whatever other lame excuse you want to bring up to not drink it. I don’t want to hear any that crap! You need to drink more Riesling, more often. It’ll make you a better person, and if you’re super awesome you might even get laid.

For the second year, Ambonnay is participating in the Summer of Riesling that was started by the Riesling Overlord at Terrior Wine Bar in NYC. All summer long you can join me at Ambonnay as it becomes its alter ego of Awesome and enjoy 4 different Rieslings along with the full compliment of champagne. Seriously its like when David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust. Riesling, like loud and creative makeup, makes you a whole different person.

Why yes that is some Riesling on Mr. Stardust's shoulder.

Why yes that is some Riesling on Mr. Stardust's shoulder.

I mean it, if you don’t come in and drink some Riesling, I’m breaking up with you. You’ll have your horizons expanded and your mind blown. Riesling might even reduce you to a puddle of ooze on the floor spouting gibberish, but when you recover you’ll understand how much you’ve been missing in your life.

I’ll constantly be rotating through Rieslings from Germany, Austria, Oregon, Washington, Australia, France, and any other place I can find delicious examples of this grape. Plus its all priced to be friendly to your budget! Flights are available, operators are standing by, order now and we’ll include table side delivery for free! Available all summer long until Sept 21