State of the Blog

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about writing, both this blog and as some of you know, a book. Many people have encouraged me to use this blog as a platform to share pieces of the book and talk about champagne. I definitely plan to use it for these purposes, but honestly that sounds a bit boring. I like writing about champagne, and I enjoy writing about other topics as well. The recent Riedel pieces were a blast to write.

I suppose I’m just saying that you should be prepared to see posts about a range of topics here. Most will be wine focused, but some will be about fun stuff that happened at the bar, or just things I find interesting in the world. I suppose this means the blog won’t be as “professional”, but last time I checked wine, and particularly champagne, is for having fun. I want to share the fun stuff too, not just the wine facts.

In addition to all of the recent and future writings, I’m going to consolidate my old blogs, particularly the travel ones here so you can check out my thoughts from yesteryear. This may take a bit of time, but I promise it’ll happen.

Finally, if you have questions or topics you’d like my thoughts on, please let me know!