José Michel

1/31/14 Josė Michel 

This was a bonus visit due to rescheduling.  I've enjoyed these wines for years now, so it was great to meet the man and see Moussy also in the Coteaux sud d'Epernay,   Since I didn't have an appointment, I was only able to do a quick tasting.  Josė only stayed for minute and turned the reigns over to his son(apprentice?), clearly showing the estate is in transition, but hopefully the new generation will continue, or make it even better.   As we tasted and talked I found out they have some vines in Chateau Thierry at the far northwestern edge of Champagne The wines were delightful as always and the 2006 vintage is delicious.  I look forward to it arriving in Portland as the 05 is ok but not great.   A fun little bonus!