Champagne and The Matrix

So I was doing some research for an upcoming post about Cramant, Chouilly, and Oiry, and I came across this video:

Its amazing and horrifying. This is a company that makes private label champagne for grocery stores across Europe, who knows the Costco Champagne might even be made here. Regardless, it reminded me strongly of this:

I’m not one to knock size of the house, just as long as they’re making quality juice. That being said, this much machinery is a bit disturbing particularly without any focus on the vines or peopls. Its why many Champagnois don’t talk about anything but the luxury, elegance, and celebratory power of champagne. Its hard to make all that industrial capacity sexy.

This is also at the heart of the argument behind grower vs large house champagne producers. Some champagne is born, the rest is made in a factory.

Food for thought…